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Continuing Education (CE) Insurance Classes

Continuing Education (CE) Insurance Classes offered in a variety of subjects. Classes are given on Fridays. The morning session is from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and the afternoon session is from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. All course material is included in tuition. Tuition includes a non-refundable $25 application fee.

Tuition: $45 - 3 credits per class; $65 - 4 credits per class;

Available Classes with Dates

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Fridays Schedule:
88889756Cobra Premium Assistance Affecting EmployersHealth12/14/189am-12pm
88889754Features and Benefits of AnnuitiesLife12/14/181pm-4pm
0314213Workers Compensation - The Whole PictureP&C1/18/199am-12pm
88889755Disability Insurance For Business OwnersHealth1/18/191pm-4pm
88889757Ethics "Principles and Responsibilities"Ethics2/15/199am-12pm
0402029Insurance Fraud Detection and PreventionFraud2/15/191pm-4pm
0314202Life Insurance PoliciesLife3/15/199am-12pm
0314203Managing Your Money and Planning Your FutureLife3/15/191pm-4pm
88889755Disability Insurance For Business OwnersHealth4/19/199am-12pm
88889759Disability Insurance For Business OwnersP&C4/19/191pm-4pm
0314243The Insurance Industry and RegulationLaw5/16/199am-12pm
0314244Licensing and Contractual RelationshipsLaw5/16/191pm-4pm
0402028Professional Ethics for the Insurance ProducerEthics6/21/199am-12pm
88891480CAIP/PAIP/SAIP: Commercial and Personal Automobile InsuranceCAIP6/21/191pm-4pm
88889751Wealthy Markets and The HomeownerP&C7/19/199am-12pm
88889752Insurance and TerrorismP&C7/19/191pm-4pm
88889754Features and Benefits of AnnuitiesLife8/16/199am-12pm
88890531The Basics of Title InsuranceTitle8/16/191pm-4pm
9314212Elder Care and Asset ManagementHealth9/20/199am-12pm
0314211What you should know about Medicare Supplement PricesHealth9/20/199am-12pm
88889757Ethics "Principles and Responsibilities"Ethics10/18/199am-12pm
0314197Title Insurance from Commitment to ClosingTitle10/18/199am-12pm
88889753Flood Insurance Coverages & ExclusionsProperty11/15/199am-12pm
0314210Life Cycle of Insurance NeedsLife11/15/199am-12pm
888890532The Terms, Concepts and Provisions of Title Insurance PoliciesTitle12/31/191pm-4pm